We always try to supply high quality products to consumers and our customers. 


All our herbal tea products are pure herbs and organically grown.  All of them are organic Thailand certified; many of them already received USDA organic and Canada organic certification while the rest is in the transition.  You will always find at least one kind of tea which is good for you and tastes great. 



Our powder line is basically pure ground herb.  It provides more versatile usage of the herbs than the tea form does.  You can now mix these powdered herbs in your dough, icing, ice-cream, soup, drink, dressing, and even use them for food colouring.  The use of our powder is only limited by your imagination. 


We are excited to share with our customers that we have added a few new products in our gluten-free line.  Now you will have choices of organic black-rice vermicelli noodle and organic brown-rice Pad Thai noodles.  We also increase the quantity in organic red rice vermicelli noodle, so you will see a bigger package on store shelves. 


We offer Thai food ingredients that are simple, but are required in many Thai dishes.