What is mulberry tea?

Mulberry leaf tea is the infused of dried mulberry leafs in hot water. Indigenous medical practitioners use different parts of the mulberry for treating diseases and symptoms such as high-blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and lipids levels, arterial plaques, diabetes, diuresis, constipation, cough-phlegm, cold, anemia, inflammation, etc. Scientific results have shown that the antioxidant role of mulberry leafs gives several medicinal benefits.


What are the benefits of mulberry tea?

Several recent scientific studies from around the world confirm the medicinal properties of dried mulberry leafs. For example, mulberry leaf treatment raises insulin sensitivity and induces hypoglycemia. Also, dried leaf powder of mulberry and extract of infused dried mulberry leaves helped control hyperglycemia, glycosuria, albuminuria and retarded onset of retinopathy. The use of the mulberry-leaf powder in ice-cream showed reducing of blood glucose level in consumers, instead of rising.


Long-term studies suggest that mulberry leafs have various medicinal effects on adult diseases. Some of those are:


What are the therapeutic compounds in mulberry leafs?

Various compounds present in mulberry leafs that attribute to therapeutic benefits are such as:

GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) maintains the normal blood pressure and enhances the neuroprotection effect against ischemia damage.

Phytosterol and flavonol quercetin 3 reduce LDL in blood vessels.

DNJ (Deoxynojirimycin) helps reduce sugar in the blood stream: lowers the risk of getting heart disease. It also stimulates the blood circulation and increases the fluid in the body.

Prenylated flavonoids in mulberry leaves are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents.


Where is the Mulberry Tea from?

The tea is grown organically in rural areas, near the natural water sources in Thailand. We only use top young leafs for tea.


How to make a nice cup of Mulberry Tea?

One teabag for one cup of tea, pour boiling water onto the teabag. Let infuse for 6 minutes. Leave the teabag in until you finish the tea. Alternatively, you can tear open the tea bag, pour the tea powder out and drink everything in the cup for optimal benefit.

Mulberry greens give no bitter taste. The longer you brew it, the better the taste and the more antioxidant quality.